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Mallet finger splint

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Mallet finger splint

│ Feature │

1. Accurate fixation as designed for 5~10 degree up when wearing

2. Soft material enables to prevent festering or sores when wearing long.

3. Many pores at maximum realize excellent porosity. 

4. Special surface processing materializes textures similar to skin.

5. Oval design of multiple faces allows comfortable wear.


  Purpose of Use  


For fixation when doing a hand acupuncture treatment 






1. Select a product size suitable for the patient’s finger size. 

2. Insert the hand acupuncture into the splint and fix it with bandage or band.




│ Specification │

 set composition : 48EA (no.1~8 x (6each)

Product Detail Image

Mallet finger splint

Mallet finger splint

Mallet finger splint