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Cervical Neck Collar

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Cervical Neck Collar

│ Feature │

Cervical Neck Collar Features
- Applied newly developed materials and adopted first spring retraction process in korea.
- Advanced ventilation technology.
- Excellent fixing capability by bending the wings on the top and bottom (while) outwards according to the height of the neck.
-Smooth surface of the contact area to the skin and superb design and perfect fixing capability is appiled.


l Purpose of Use l 

 A device used for pressure and support of neck part 


l How to use l 

1. Choose product best fits your neck size

2. Position your chin on the concave part in the front part of the cervical collar and wrap it around your neck

3. Fasten the neck splint with the Velcro strap

4. When wearing the product, apply an appropriate force not to cause discomfort or inhibit blood and oxygen circulation

5. Be careful not to apply excessive force or contact sharp-edged objects which may cause damage to the product while it is in use.



│ Specification │

Size : S / 50cm, M / 53cm, L / 57cm