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The color cast shoes

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[Health-nuri medical company]

  • South Korea South Korea
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The color cast shoes

│ Feature │

Special merits
- No Bursting and learing because of the all-in-one bottom and body type.
- Prevents slipping with soft PVC material (corrects the weekness of EVA)
- Actualizes excellent cushioning by choosing foam material - relieves the shock for joints.
- Convenient to take care and have diversity by shoosing exclusive color by the stadard respectively.
- Provids stability and friendliness by attaching charagcters for children espectially.
- Excellent wearing sense in various type of cast by controlling the angle of strap.
- Provides clean arrangement and convenience for laking care of the procedure room with 10 units of small package.
- Maximizes the effect of moving advertisement with free printing logo when the order is more than 300 units.

│ Specification │

Size : S , M , L , XL

Toe guard ! It is the completion of gips procedure.