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PANDA Endopiece

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| Feature |

Existing band has been sold or used without sterilization separately from the mouthpiece.

In this connection, due to the preparation of band in addition to the mouthpiece for endoscopy and due to unsterilized use of band, infection occurs.

A band is likely to be contaminated by the patient’s secretion during endoscopy. But, as its own elasticity has to be maintained, it is difficult to sterilize the band. Under such situation, even though the band should be replaced for each patient, it is used several times and contaminated by various bacteria and virus in patient’s secretion.

To resolve the above infection, we have launched a sterilized package of one mouthpiece and one band.


| Usage |
1. After opening the package of each endopiece, place the palate supporting side toward the mouth inside.

2. Hook the fixing band on the protrusions on both sides of the endopiece, band it to the size of user, and fix it.

3. When inserting it into the oral cavity, cover the tongue sufficiently and fix it by biting teeth.


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PANDA Endopiece